Art has long been a way for me to unpack the strangeness of the world around me. Through sculptural world-building, I attempt to process and understand what it means to be a human, a creature, and a beast. I am particularly drawn the the dichotomies between the mother and child, the protector and protected, the id and the ego. My creatures are a mediation on the nuance of the self and the many roles we simultaneously play.

I am particularly drawn to needle felting wool to create such creatures, but I employ other materials including paper mache, paint, print, and various drawing materials. Each creature is meticulously created: whether needle felted from wool roving, or painted with repeating pattern, I take my time to form new life. Employing such slow processes as needle felting gives me time to bond with each beast, to truly get to know them as they are created. The creatures allow us to see our own shadows, reflecting an uncanny humanness back at us. After all, humans are only beasts who have forgotten their nature somewhere along the way.


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