Soft, Warm, Dark: Grave and Womb (2018)

Charcoal/pencil/pastel drawing with assorted yarns and strings; found jars, stones, sticks, and table; wet specimen mice at several stages of development (preserved by me).


How Strange It Is to Mourn the Living (2018)

Charcoal drawing, linoleum print, yarns and twines, wet specimen of pig brain and hot dog in alcohol (preserved by me), and found objects. 

Text Reads: Mom Knew His Brain Was Breaking/ When He Ate a Hotdog in Coney Island/ (Grandpa Doesn't Eat Meat)


Can I Go Home Now Please? (2017)

Rice paper, yarn, coptic bound book, linoleum print, found object (lizard foot). 


This Is All I Can Know (2017)

Altered book: acrylic, found objects.


Carnival in my Head (Can't You See It's All For You?) 2017

Mixed media, plaster, acrylic paint, pen and ink, accordion bindings, metal pipe, wire, pom poms, sequins, human hair.


Peril/Protection of Dog (2017)

Mixed media instillation: paper mache and chicken wire, acrylic paint, screenprint, pantyhose, glass, found rug, and altered found closet.